Police Domestic Violence


Here is a link to information on officer involved domestic  violence and how it is different it is more cases than one might expect.

Police Domestic Violance.Com


  • Take control in any and all situations.

  • Intimidate by his presence alone – uniform, stance, voice.

  • Interrogate people to get information.

  • Be deceptive and manipulative.

  • Blame others for his use of force.

  • Use weapons.

  • Use his body as a weapon.

  • Inflict pain and leave no marks or bruises.


Above pages from police domestic violence.com

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Sandi Ross June 14, 2012 at 11:29 pm

My 17 year old DEAF son took of in my truck back in Feb. i put a BOLO nation wide on him the police in Bumcombe County NC pulled him over searched my truck passed noted back in forth my son told them he had got into argument with me and he took a drive and was lost. The police let him go WITHOUT running his licence . A few minutes later my son came back by police, police chased (they said) for several miles before my son pulled over (he said he didnt stop at first cause he knew they werent going to help him). Well they shot my son in the left femer shattering it my son from pain rammed backwards into one of the cop cars, He had one hand raised and was and shaking his head yes that he was putting truck in park. The cop continued to shoot him until my son laid over in truck . He has suffered from 5 gunshot wounds. He had to have a rod in placed in his femur, a part of his small intestince out. He has a bullet ladge in his rib cages one in his abd. Now they have charges pending against my son for AWDW against gov officials, and fleeing to elude. YES my son was wrong for taking my truck and ignoring the second time these SAME police that new he was lost, Deaf, and scared and had no weapons, gor after him again. But he did not deserve to be SHOT ! The police that shot him has been charged and found guilty for some kind of unruley conduct in the past. But guess what he is on administrative leave with pay. While my son and our whole families lives have been torn apart and on hold! the lawyer I have is appointed, claims he cant get inccident report, the da has no file ready, bla bla. The cops have lied to me and never gave me a whole story on this situation. I am scared my son is going to be treated unfairly, i have emailed and called a hundred places. NO ONE WANTS TO GO AGAINST THESES cops. I just want JUSTICE. I JUST WANT THE TRUTH OF WHAT HAPPEN! Can any one point me in the right direction. I dont have thousands of dollars to pay for justice. i am a single mom that works 6 days a week to survive. My children are NOT criminals! DOES anyone know what i can do or who will help US. I have contacted aclu and the aclj. Thanks for taking time to read this .

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