Blue Mugs

 Blue Mugs: See That Dirty Cop’s Mug!!!!!!

Mafia CopsMafia Cops Convicted
Nearly three years after being convicted, former cops Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa were sentenced to life in prison for carrying out eight murders for the mafia.




Convicted COP Shane Dellinger with Gal Pal Brandy

Funny thing Christopher Shane Dellinger was a beer drinking pal of Christopher Todd Smith a confidential informant for Calhoun County Cops and the person of interest in the mysterious Grantsville Fires!

Shane was scheduled to be sentenced recently, but some of the people required to be there did not show, so the sentencing was postponed. We at the CalPatty Press thought that “no show” was very suspicious indeed.

  Also in Calhoun County, a small county following in the footsteps of the infamous Crooked County, we find A POLICE CHIEF who brags about giving pretty girls choices when detained for criminal infractions. RONALD “GORDO” Gordon has only been in jail since January, but he has already told inmates that are in protective custody about some of the incidents involving sexual infractions that were never brought up in court..Details

Ex-cop on sex ring charges

Simon Dempsey, former PSNI officer, who was remanded in custody today at Laganside court where he was jointly accused with Chinese woman Chen Rong on charges relating to controlling prostitution and people traffiking .






Anthony Rollins
Accused sexually assaulting six women
Anchorage Police Department officer


NYPD Officer Charged with murder

Jerry Bowen

  Former Virginia Commonwealth University Police Chief

Former VCU Police Chief William "Willie" Fuller was declared unable to stand trial in a felony sex crime case


45 year-old Lieutenant Billy Smallwood is facing federal charges of Making a False Document, 3 counts of Wire Fraud and Computer Fraud..

Chicago officer allegedly assaults a park officer with elbow



CLATSKANIE, Ore. – A Clatskanie police officer was arrested on charges he stole drugs during a burglary.

Police officer accused of stealing drugs in a burglary


Dirty Detective Kasperzyk


Kasperzyk had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate civil rights and theft of government property. He planted drugs in a bust in an apartment on Truman Street. He also pocketed cash from drug cases to feed his gambling habit.

Kasperzyk is one of four detectives who have been charged with crimes since an FBI sting operation in March of 2007, which sparked a still-ongoing effort to revamp the city’s police department.


North Carolina Police Officer, Darryl Howard, Fired After Bigamy Investigation

A Monroe, NC police officer charged with bigamy has been fired from his job. Officer Darryl Howard was charged with the felony Monday after police said they discovered he had two wives at once. Police Chief Debra Duncan told reporters Monday afternoon the department was shocked by the charge against the six year veteran. my_weblog/2008/10/nor..



Authorities have charged an upstate New York police officer with improperly touching a child.

Ilion Officer Philip Spaman of Herkimer pleaded not guilty Monday when he was arraigned in Herkimer County Court on misdemeanor charges of forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police officer charged with improperly touching child



[VA] Sgt. Bernadette Schraudt arrested for domestic assault of her husband

Police Officer Charged More here



Charlotte police officer charged in fatal wreck

Charlotte police officer charged in fatal wreck

Multiple witnesses told investigators that Proctor did not have his emergency blue lights on, and CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe said Proctor was driving more than 90 mph with the siren off. The speed limit on that part of Old Statesville Road is 45 mph.  

More on the story


A New Jersey police officer facing sex assault charges can add animal cruelty

to the list after officials said he performed multiple sex acts with cows.,2933,352434,00.html



A former transit police officer charged with murder was released from jail Friday after posting $3 million bail. Johannes Mehserle’s shooting of an unarmed man at an Oakland transit station on New Year’s Day has spawned public outrage and a string of protests that led to more than 100 riot-related arrests. The former Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer’s release funds came from unknown sources,


Tulsa police officer charged with domestic assault and battery in the presence of a child



Former Police officer pleads no contest to hit-and-run
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Video: Officer pleads no contest

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) — A change of plea hearing is scheduled for Michael Alayon, the Miami-Dade Police officer charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident in Oct. 2006.

The 29-year-old, pleaded no contest at Monday’s hearing, after he allegedly rear-ended a vehicle causing the driver to be ejected into the path of two other cars. The driver was then struck and killed instantly



A veteran Jersey City cop who was once named the East District Police Officer of the Month has been charged with taking cash bribes from livery drivers to look the other way when they operated illegally, according to a report in today’s Jersey Journal. index.ssf/2009/06/21-week/




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